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When Neymar Must Go from Barcelona

Neymar was the subject of a warm talk of Barcelona supporters. Unfortunately, the cules are talking about, not the positive things of the Brazilian striker.

Instead of talking Neymar goals against Manchester United in the arena of the International Champions Cup, many cules just mencibirnya. They are angry because Neymar is rumored to be prepared to leave from Camp Nou, Barcelona headquarters.

In fact, there is a group of Barcelona supporters who specially make pamphlets inscribed Neymar as a mercenary. They give a new nickname to Neymar: Traitor!

The news will leave Neymar was kept prominent. France’s rich club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) is said to be the new port of the player born February 5, 1992 it.

Le Parisien, nicknamed PSG, reportedly dared to pay the release clause Neymar in Barcelona, ​​amounting to 222 million euros, or about Rp 3.5 trillion. Inevitably, if this transfer is done, Neymar will become the most expensive player in the world.

PSG camp, through the club president, Nasser al-Khelaifi, is not openly called their intention to bring Neymar.

“I think the question (Neymar to PSG) is too fast – today, Neymar is a Barcelona player, we will see what will happen to him later,” Al-Khelaifi told Medi1 TV.

Could be, that’s just the president’s rhetoric. Maybe the man from Qatar did not want to offend Barcelona, ​​because the contract itself is still valid until Neymar until 2021.

However, from the news circulating, this transfer is very possible. The BBC writes that Barcelona itself has given permission to Neymar to discuss his transfer with PSG, so he is allowed to miss the Barcelona training on Wednesday (02/08/2017).

In fact, in France, the media there have already written that players who have scored 250 goals from 299 Barcelona matches will be belonging to PSG in the last two days.

Just about Money?
Again, if this transfer happens, Neymar will be the most expensive player in the world. However, not just the most expensive, actually.

Neymar will also be the highest paid player in the world. Because, reportedly PSG is ready to pay him no less than 40 million euros per year!

This amount exceeds the salary earned by Carlos Tevez in Shanghai Shenhua (China), 35.75 million euros. Tevez is currently listed as a player with the highest salary in the world.

Compare also with salary Neymar in Barcelona that “only” 10 million euros per year. That is, Neymar’s salary at PSG is 300 percent higher than he receives in Barcelona. Wow!

But, whether the mere money that Neymar consider to leave Paris?

Apart from Messi’s Shadow
In Barcelona, ​​everyone knows, Neymar is not number one. There is still Lionel Messi which is the main prima donna.

Neymar, along with Luis Suarez, did become part of the deadly Trio MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) Barcelona. The trio are capable of producing hundreds of goals for goals and becoming Barcelona’s “life” in the pursuit of victory.

However, still, when people talk Barcelona, ​​Neymar’s name will be called number two, or even number three, after Messi and Luis Suarez. For Neymar classmates, this is going to be annoying for a long time.

Do not forget also ambition Neymar to become the best player in the world. He certainly wants to follow in the footsteps of Brazilian legends like Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, or Kaka, who became the World Player of the Year when defending the European club.

Well, in Barcelona, ​​as long as there is Messi, it will be difficult for Neymar get a special rating in the list of world’s best players. Logically, how could Neymar be number one in the world, if at his club alone he is not the number one.

So, when there is a chance to “develop” a higher career, it is natural that Neymar immediately annex it. As the saying goes, “while diving drinking water”, for Neymar to join PSG is like twisting two goals: to grow tajir and open the chance to become the world’s best player. Maybe that’s why Neymar should leave Barcelona.

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