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Wenger: I’m sure Lacazette will Make a Big Contribution

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes Alexandre Lacazette can provide a fresh breeze on the front lines in the summer Agen Poker Online.

The big belief, because the retainer of the French national team, although not yet fully adapt well but during pre-season has recorded two goals, where the first goal against Sydney FC and also goal against Sevilla in the 2-1 defeat at the Emirates Cup 2017.

Interestingly in the game Laca has two kicks that point to the right goal.

Even in addition to excellent mamanfaatkan ball in the area of ​​the penalty box opponent, the striker can also put himself very well. Evidently the former Lyon player has scored 28 goals in 30 matches in Ligue 1 and after the game against Sevilla, Arsene also feels his side should be drawing instead of losing the Spanish club.

“For the striker it’s very important,” Wenger told the media.

“I think he has shown a good thing. His role is not very prominent because we do not really control the ball today and the strikers will suffer like that. Overall what it does is pretty good.

“Here’s the power. Where he has a very strong record in scoring and based on the fact that he is always in the right position in the opponent’s penalty box and able to anticipate well.

“Overall, it is a very important quality that will be needed throughout the season.

“We do not have as dynamic as yesterday. We do not really see any sharpness. Sometimes it feels good despite playing with tired feet and pressing further.

“I still think we can play a draw, but overall we have played against a good team at the weekend and that’s what you want to prepare for this season.

“We have a tough game and everyone gets 90 minutes.”

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