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Rene Alberts Criticism Suspension of U-23 Player Rules in League 1 PSM Makassar coach Robert Rene Alberts expressed his uneasiness regarding the suspension of U-23 players rules in League 1Agen Sbo.

According to him, the policy is very strange and absurd. He admitted, during his 32-year career as a coach, only this time he found a change in the rules of competition.

“To me, the big question, who changed the rules? From a technical perspective, from the beginning they made this rule unreasonable,” Rene Alberts said in Bandung on Tuesday (4/7/2017) afternoon.

He said, when a technical director of teams in a number of clubs, only this time he was forced to play young players.

PSM, said Rene, obey with the rules. However, he wondered why the rule was changed suddenly.

“From my experience as technical director in Malaysia, in Korea, they did not make any rules like this to build the league, from the beginning we have been forced to do this,” he said.

“We have to do it for 11 games and suddenly they stop the rules, Is this a good advantage for Indonesian football because in two months we have to go back to the rules,” he said.

Rene recounted, some time ago, he contacted some reputable foreign news agencies who asked about the condition of Indonesian football today.

He also admitted embarrassed to answer the question.

“I’m embarrassed to answer their questions, I do not know who it’s worth, but the big question is, who’s changing this rule?” Says Rene.

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