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Nainggolan Still Waiting for Rome

Radja Nainggolan is still awaiting his new contract in Rome, with Inter willing to spend 50 million euros to get it.

The midfielder refused to move to Chelsea last summer, and it is estimated that his salary will increase due to his loyalty to the club.

However, one year later there was a statement about the renewal of the contract, and one source believed that Nainggolan was currently frustrated.

Belgian national team retainer is currently receiving a salary of 3.2 million euros per season, accompanied by a bonus that makes it possible to bring home money of 4 million euros.

Promised that his new contract will be worth 4 million euros, plus a bonus that allows him to receive revenues of 5 million euros.

Now Inter are ready to take advantage of the situation, by offering a salary of 6 million euros to Nainggolan and 50 million for his club.

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