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Bellerin: Arsenal Need Change

Hector Bellerin, giving little criticism to the club defended, Arsenal are considered in desperate need of change Agen Bola.

Arsene Wenger’s team is surprisingly ranked 12th Premier League standings while having to swallow some defeat at the start of this season and certainly widen the distance with the top standings.

Despite the drastic decline in the cluster, Bellerin felt confident Arsenal still have a chance to rise from adversity.

Bellerin said: “I think Arsenal needs a lot of changes if they want to succeed this season.”

“Early in the season Arsenal appear with extraordinary. But all have decreased dramatically. That’s very unfortunate. ”

“Not only that, if you want to achieve kesuskesan, then Arsenal have to work hard.”

“Never to continue in a downturn. Especially always remember the defeat of some games ago. ”

“I certainly have hope Arsenal can return to compete with Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City.”

“Because I consider Arsenal to be a great club and deserve the title this season.”

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