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Barnes: Liverpool Should Take Off Emre Can

Liverpool legend John Barnes believes the club should not hold Emre Can if the player wants to pursue a career at another club.

The 23-year-old German squad, who joined from Bayer Leverkusen in 2014, leaves a year in his current contract at Merseyside.

“It’s up to Emre Can (Not to sign a new contract),” Barnes told the media.

“It would be nice to all say, ‘Give him the space he decides which he wants, endure or he will go to

“But it will not happen. They do not want Emre Can. A few years ago people said Emre was not a good player, now everything suddenly says ‘he’s Pele!’

“A few years ago Emre Can was not so well liked in Liverpool so why did all of a sudden say, ‘we must defend Emre Can’?”

“We want the players who survive in Liverpool are those who really want to survive,” continued Barnes.

“Of course if he decides to leave, I do not think he needs to find a better club than Liverpool.

“Liverpool can not resist the desire of a player because they feel they deserve to earn more money than they are now. Liverpool must be willing to take it off “

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